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Sally Budd and Andrew Exley
Russell Close
United Kingdom


Phone Contact :

  • UK-UK Tel: 01733 270707
  • EU-UK Tel: +44 1733 270707
  • US/CA-UK Tel: 305 906 7417

(this is our international internet phone number which enables low cost local calling from within the US and CA, please no calls after 5pm Eastern Time as we are 5 hours ahead of N America)

Landline Phone from USA/CA code is {011} +44 1733 270707

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We have owned and rented our displayed unit since 1999.

Most important to note, unlike the majority of properties you see for rent, our Condo to us is not just an income generating rental property, it is our second home where we look to spend quality time.

This means to you as a potential renter that the property is impeccably maintained and the specification of furnishings is what you would want it to be in your own home.

Sally is a chartered accountant =CPA , so our honesty and professionalism may be relied on.

We also manage a wider portfolio of investment rental properties in various locations so have a broad experience of property management.